Grid-Connected Large-Scale Installation

Junction Box:

In large-scale installations, multiple modules are connected through a junction box, which is just that. but also provides surge protection.

DC Switch:

In order to be able to undertake repair or general maintenance work, the solar generator must be separated from the inverter. This is achieved by a DC switch close to the inverter.
As the modules continue to generate electricity as long as there is sufficient light, the DC switch must cope with the short-circuit current as well as the open-circuit voltage. Just unplugging a string of modules may cause a corona with a risk of fire. Some manufacturers of inverter offer integrated DC switches.


Inverters used here wilt most likely produce a 3-phase AC, which is more common in industrial contexts.


An optional transformer may step up the voltage to the very high voltage required by the grid.

AC Switch:

An AC switch is required by grid operators to ensure safety. It automatically switches off the grid connec­tion if error currents, changes in frequency, or voltage are detected.

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