Toll Free Number: 1800 212 3266
Toll Free Number: 1800 212 3266

Advantages of Solar System

  • Solar radiation is the largest renewable energy source.
  • 30% MNRE Subsidy on Capital.
  • Save 30% tax on investment.
  • The solar energy is more evenly distributed in the world than wind or biomass.
  • Solar energy is consistent.
  • Environmentally friendly - No Noise, No Smoke, No Pollution.
  • It promises to be most cost effective renewable power at high volumes.
  • It is well proven and demonstrated technology.

In addition the solar photovoltaic technology offers following advantages:

  • No recurring fuel cost.
  • Clean, silent and no moving parts.
  • Modular, Reliable with Low Maintenance.
  • Environmentally sound, does not contribute to greenhouse gas emission.
  • ISO 14001 recognizes use of environment friendly technologies.
  • Can be installed at the point of use and prevents transmission line losses.
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